Everyday Life with IBS

Screenshot of animation showing aisle of a train carriage with overhead sign that reads 'Toilets' above the door at the end.

Everyday Life with IBS 

Author/s: Lauren White

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Publication date: 2021


Experienced by many but discussed by few, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a common, but under researched, condition. From pressured morning routines to uncertain toilet provision, living with IBS can reshape everyday lives as unpredictable symptoms meet with inaccessible environments.

This animation captures the common experiences of living with IBS in everyday life. Attendees are invited to watch and listen and reflect upon what matters in improving the lives of those with IBS. By exploring these experiences, this film highlights how understanding them is important for improving health, wellbeing and inclusive societies for those living with hidden health conditions.

Based on Dr Lauren White’s research into everyday life with IBS.