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The Toilets Innovation and New Knowledge Exchange (TINKLE) is here to connect you with design knowledge and expertise about public toilets, customer toilets, workplace toilets and other non-domestic toilet facilities.

Coming soon, this website is for anyone involved in the design, management and operation of toilets, including design professionals and architects, as well as local government, private operators, charities, campaigners, community groups, researchers and students.

Over the next few days we will be adding the latest in toilets information, guidance and thinking in the UK. 

Read on to find out more about TINKLE, and please leave your details below if your wish to be notified about the launch of our first three features.


There are three elements to the Toilets Innovation and New Knowledge Exchange: 

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Helping you to find existing knowledge through our filtered resource bank of guidance, standards, regulation, toolkits, websites and research from UK organisations and beyond.

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For visitors who seek expert or peer-to-peer advice, here you can find a range of experts across many aspects of toilets who are available to contact.

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The forum is open to all, to ask and answer questions, seek solutions, debate ideas, share new resources, support campaigns and enable research. Join in!

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TINKLE is managed by the Public Toilets Research Unit (PTRU) at the Royal College of Art, in partnership with the Toilet Consortium and the British Toilet Association

The PTRU is part of The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design. The PTRU undertakes inclusive and people-centred design research to improve toilet provision for all. 

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