The Toilets Innovation and New Knowledge Exchange (TINKLE) is here to connect you with design knowledge about public toilets, customer toilets, workplace toilets and other non-domestic toilet facilities. 

We have the latest in toilets information, guidance and ideas in the UK, for those who are interested in the design, management and operation of toilets.

TINKLE aims to create better toilets for all, by sharing existing resources, providing a network of toilet experts available to contact, and by encouraging open discussion of challenges in toilet design.

Featured Content

Image of Front page of Guide, orange background, toilet roll with 'Don't Panic' written on the last piece

Publicly Accessible Toilets after COVID-19: an update to design guidance

This new guidance shows how future toilets can be designed to be more hygienic, and also more accessible and inclusive, as a critical part of public health infrastructure. “In the wake of COVID-19 there is an opportunity to consider the future of public toilet...
High level Toilet Sign in British Rail Station, toilets marked FREE (no payment)

Article: The Privatisation of Taking a Piss

This online article (Tribune, 26th April 2021) looks at how the ‘public’ part of public toilet is under threat. An original take on public toilets, the article explores the issues of what has long been a...
Toilet Wall showing hand dryer and mirror. Dark blue wall and hand dryer (painted poorly in pink) covered in graffiti including reflection in mirror.

Welcome to Latrinalia

It can be nerve-wracking to put your voice out there. Latrinalia allows you to ask a question, share information or call to action other people interested or involved (or both!) in toilet design, of whom you may not meet many in real life. A bit like toilet graffiti,...
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Find published information on toilet design. Our resource bank includes guidance, standards, regulation, toolkits, websites and research.
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Connect with our network for expert or peer-to-peer advice. Our network includes experts across many aspects of toilets, available for contact. 
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Our forum, open to all, where you can ask and answer questions, participate in open debate, share new resources, support campaigns and enable research.
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TINKLE is managed by the Public Toilets Research Unit (PTRU), in partnership with the Toilet Consortium and the British Toilet Association. 

The PTRU undertakes inclusive and people-centred design research to improve toilet provision for all. The PTRU is part of The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, at the Royal College of Art.