Publicly Accessible Toilets after COVID-19: an update to design guidance

Image of Front page of Guide, orange background, toilet roll with 'Don't Panic' written on the last piece

This new guidance shows how future toilets can be designed to be more hygienic, and also more accessible and inclusive, as a critical part of public health infrastructure.

“In the wake of COVID-19 there is an opportunity to consider the future of public toilet design.  This excellent booklet covers a wide range of topics and offers ways not only to improve the safety of users of public toilet facilities but also suggests how public toilets can be positively updated.”

Gillian Kemp: Truckers Toilets, Public Toilets UK & the Toilet Consortium

This update, published May 2021, builds on previous guidance, Publicly Accessible Toilets: An Inclusive Design Guide (Royal College of Art, 2011)


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