Publicly Accessible Toilets: An Inclusive Design Guide

Front cover of Publicly Accessible Toilets: An Inclusive Design Guide showing a colourful entrance to a toilet in yellow and pink.

Publicly Accessible Toilets: An Inclusive Design Guide

Author/s: Jo-Anne Bichard, Gail Ramster

File: Publicly-accessible-toilets.pdf 3.75 MB

Publication date: 2020


This guide has been developed from an inclusive design philosophy. It aims to incorporate the needs, aspirations and desires of people of all ages, abilities and ethnicities, who will become the future users of its design outcomes.

‘Publicly accessible toilets’ refers to all toilets that the public can access without having to buy anything. This includes those in shopping centres, parks and transport hubs, as well as the public toilets and community toilet schemes provided by the local authority.

This research uses current examples of good and bad practice to illustrate solutions.

The guide has been developed for built environment professionals such as architects, planners and designers, and for providers of publicly accessible toilets, such as local authorities, to help them to make design decisions about their facilities.

We have also aimed this guide at members of the public who may be seeking examples of provision that is more accessible for all potential users, or how public toilets might be managed by the community.