Engaged: Regeneration Workshop report

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Engaged: Regeneration Workshop report


Author/s: Rosanna Traina, Madelaine Dowd, Indira Knight, Jo-Anne Bichard, Gail Ramster

File: Regeneration Workshop report

Publication date: 2022


Engaged investigates how to reuse empty premises as public toilets which would share space with start-ups, incubator space or community initiatives, to provide this overlooked element of public health infrastructure that supports high street regeneration.

The Engaged project is run by the Public Toilets Research Unit (PTRU) based at The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design (HHCD) at the Royal College of Art (RCA), in partnership with PiM studio Architects. Engaged is part of the Mayor of London’s Designing London’s Recovery programme

The Engaged Regeneration Workshop explored the opportunities and challenges for public toilet provision and the Engaged concept, with 13 regeneration officers from eight London borough councils, in May 2022. This report caputures these findings, which then guided the development of a pre-feasibility study, in Spring 2022.