Rules & Guidelines/Disclaimer

The TINKLE Forum welcomes all ages, experiences and backgrounds, whatever your interest in non-domestic toilet design. 

The TINKLE Forum has the following rules and guidelines. 

1. Be clear by using plain english and explanations. Be patient if others don’t misunderstand. Not everyone using the forum is a design professional or service provider. They may be new to toilets, coming from a different industry, or be from the general public.  

2. Be polite and use courteous language, as if you were talking face-to-face. Respect people’s pronouns (e.g. they/them; he/him; she/her) and personal experiences. 

3. Give context by explaining your position, particularly when providing insight or advice in a professional rather than personal capacity. What are you basing it on – is it from research, guidance, professional or person experience? Where possible, can you support it with links or references?

4. Each new post or comment is checked by the administrator prior to publication. Posts or replies will be removed by the administrator if their content is considered offensive, or intending to offend. The author will be informed and may be removed. Off topic posts may be removed, if it is making it harder to find more relevant posts.