Charlotte Jones

A headshot of Charlotte looking straight at camera in front of a light white background.

Charlotte Jones Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Wellcome Centre for Cultures and Environments of Health, University of Exeter Between 2015-2018, Charlotte was Research Fellow on Around the Toilet, a series of AHRC-funded projects creatively exploring the accessibility and culture of toilets, particularly for queer, trans and disabled people. She is now a member of the research team […]

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Clara Greed

A headshot of Clara looking straight at camera in front of a dark purple background.

Clara Greed Emerita Professor of Inclusive Urban Planning, UWE Bristol Clara seeks to plan for ‘the city of everyday life’. This led her to research on public toilet provision but also involves work on transport planning, social infrastructure and sustainability at both the national and international level, especially in the Far East. She is a […]

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Jen Slater

A photo of Jen Slater, a white person with short brown hair, on a grey background. Jen is wearing a blue and black checked shirt. They have three earrings in their left ear (which is on show), a nose ring, and a thin silver necklace. They are looking just off centre of the camera, smiling and gesturing with their hands, as if mid-sentence.

Jen Slater Sheffield Hallam University I led the AHRC-funded Around the Toilet project ( Around the Toilet used arts-based participatory approaches to explore toilets as spaces of exclusion and belonging. A number of practical community-focused outputs were made through the research, all available at the project blog. I am also interested in critical explorations of […]

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