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Becki Morris is an experienced auditor, strategist and practitioner for intersectional inclusive practice in Culture and Heritage. She is the Director of DCN and collaborator supporting pragmatic, positive change from across sectors. She is now Associate Consultant on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at EMBED.
Becki Morris Director of DCN (Disability Collaborative Network) and Associate Consultant for EDI for EMBED Becki is the Director of DCN and collaborator supporting pragmatic, positive change from across sectors.1
Accessibility / InclusivityAwareness / AdvocacyChanging PlacesConsultancy / StrategyDesign

My career has spanned education, law and media. I have given evidence to Government committees & worked with various organisations to produce booklets & handouts on toilet related topics.
Gillian Kemp Founder, Truckers’ Toilets UK [TTUK] Founder, Public Toilets UK [PTUK] Co-founder, The Toilet Consortium Director of an audiological instrument company   Contact Email: Twitter: @atoileteer Facebook:
Awareness / AdvocacyBusiness / Legal / Law

Raymond joined the BTA in 2002 and became Managing Director in 2014. His previous experience was with KBT for 9 years and 15 + years with Chartered Institution of Waste Management (CIWM). Member of British Cleaning Council (BCC) & World Toilet Association (WTO)
Raymond Martin Managing Director, British Toilet Association (BTA) Contact Email: Resources
Awareness / AdvocacyConsultancy / StrategyCrime / Anti-Social BehaviourDesignProvision / Service