Michelle Barkley

A headshot of Michelle smiling and looking straight at the camera.

Michelle Barkley

Technical Director (retired), at a large architectural practice.

Recently retired – I was Technical Director of a large architectural practice, where I was responsible for technical knowledge and dissemination within the practice, including new technology, technical problem solutions, and technical law.

  • Chartered architectural technologist with many years experience in designing buildings.
  • Served on many building technology committees not directly related to toilets.
  • Campaigns for equal toilet provision for women.
  • Served on Building Regulation Part G committee (sanitary provision).
  • Served on all the current British Standard BS 6465 series committees on the design, selection and maintenance of sanitary facilities. (These standards are quoted in the Building Regulations as providing approved guidance on the numbers of toilets and design of toilet facilities in new buildings).


BS 6465-4:2010 Sanitary installations. Code of practice for the provision of public toilets

BS 6465-1:2006+Amendment 1:2009 Sanitary installations. Code of practice for the design of sanitary facilities and scales of provision of sanitary and associated appliances

BS 6465-2:2017 Sanitary installations. Code of practice for Space recommendations.

BS 6465-3:2020 Sanitary installations. Code of practice for the selection, installation and maintenance of sanitary and associated appliances

Various magazine articles and technical papers.